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Personal Transformation Calls with Dr. Vie

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Online Restorative Yoga Class

Online gentle yoga asana (exercises) class wherever you are. 

Dr. Vie Academy  offers a video on demand class of 40 minutes with gentle restorative yoga asanas  guided by  Dr. Vie's Los Angeles Yoga Asana Trainer. Choose 1 month, 6 month or 12 month access to the online session.

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Personal Transformation Book

Dr. Vie's 292 page book published in USA in 2014, forecasted the root cause of humanity's dire situation today. Access 15 personal transformation techniques and tools and gift of 20 minute phone call with Dr. Vie

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Nutrition Consultation with Dr. Vie

One on one nutrition consultation phone calls with Dr. Vie to kick start your healthy eating, wellness, energy and empowered lifestyle. Via phone call or WhatApp.

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Freshly Made Healthy Vegan Foods Empowering Our Deaf Locals with Jobs


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From our customers

Naturally low in sugar! Usually sugar-free means added chemicals (eww!) or stevia (never liked the stuff) but these bars are naturally low in sugar due to the high cacao content, without sacrificing taste! In fact they are one of the best tasting (and textured) bars I've ever had! Just a hint of mocha, not an overwhelming coffee flavour.

Lisa, Canada

Less stressed. A friend told me of this COVID 19 course on facebook and being the skeptic I am I wanted to know about the scientist behind the course. What I read sold me. This virus uprooted my life and each day filled with stress. Dr. Vie course helped me understand so much more without biased political or other agendas. The 6 sops help me everyday and my stress is pretty low now. For anyone who is worried out there this course will help you.

Julian, USA

Excellent Material in the Dr. Vie Academy, Dr.Vie. Everyone should register for it, assimilate it, practice it, implement it, share it to others. We need to have a totally new way of life.

Balachanda, India