Humanity On Brink Of Destruction

Advances in science, technology, and medicine driven by economic goals are in stark contrast to the actual physical, psychological and mental states lived by most humans in developed and developing nations. The state of the modern man begs answers.


Despite quantum leaps in modernization and inventions, man remains in a pitiful state of inner torment. Plagued by anxiety, worry, trepidation, regret, guilt, and a deep sense of meaninglessness. Equally suffered by both  impoverished and opulent populations across the globe. 


Material wealth and increasing accomplishments fail to immunize man from deep seated anguish.


How much is enough? The powerful president yearns for world domination. The richest man strives for novel challenges. In their self centered search for meaning sacrificing the planet and its ordinary folk and Beings.


Why is man after millennia still in pain? What is it about the human psyche that drives the deep seated suffering?


Gazing into the skies the ancients realized the answer to man's torment.

What is the source of all that is? What is the magic energy that creates the beautiful flowers, adorable hummingbird, majestic mountain, tiny ant, deep oceans, thunderous waterfalls, multitudes of planets, ever bright suns and stars?

What is man's role within the expanse of the Cosmos?

Albeit instead of delving within the inner Self that is the storehouse of secrets of the Cosmos, man searched outside of himself.  Eventually identifying with man-made creations. Ultimately losing all connection with his real Self as the means to the end became his salvation.


The race for the best job, house, car, vacation, salary, investment, position, partner, child, stature, taste, aroma, experience and pleasures occupied his daily life. Inventing infrastructures to support all facets of self made reality far off from the actual one lived by the rest of the planet's Beings.


The very same man made creation assured man the genesis and sustainability of his daily suffering. 

Still not knowing the Source of all existence, still suffering from deep inner pain in the depths of his Being.




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