Why Our World Needs Enlightened Men and Women?

Enlightened Humans?
As most humans inhabiting the modern world with its human suffering, you probably have wondered how the world at large can be safer, healthier, and free of torment. You've heard of numerous solutions in the form of meditation, inner peace, pranic breathing, self-realization, and enlightenment. Over the centuries many enlightened Ones have supposedly graced the Earth, endeavoured to impart insights, yet the human predicament has not changed for the better.

Do You Have A Good Life?

Perhaps you live in an area where people you know of have more than enough to eat, safe water to drink, a comfortable bed to sleep in and robust health services. Perhaps you enjoy a healthy relationship, within a loving family. The woes of fellow humans may seem distant. Yet amid your successful life you may experience a nagging sensation about the meaning of life, or wish for a more meaningful existence.

The Search For More

As humans search for more meaning to life, or to grasp a better understanding of the dynamic multiverse in all her glory, the quest may not materialize answers.


What about enlightenment? Could that be the answer? What is it? How is it attained? Or can it be?

Enlightened versus Unconscious

I've traveled on my own for decades through Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas, and lived many challenges.
What I witnessed and learned is that there is far too much unnecessary suffering, man-made suffering that is destroying humanity, as well as the millions of other species, and ultimately the amazing Planet Earth created by the laws of Nature in all her glory.
Humans are the only species to wreak such profound havoc on all of life on this Earth. Why is it so?

Questioning Minds

When you look up into the skies, at the stars and planets. When you look around at the abundance of species in the air, on land and in the waters. When you look at the mountains, oceans and rivers, rocks and pebbles and variations of sand.
It suddenly makes sense.
All around you, the planet continues within a glorious rhythm, developing, progressing, living, extinguishing and reemerging. On automation. From seedling to gigantic tree. From sun to singularity. From egg to chicken. On automation. Beautiful. Intelligent. 
If humans imploded and disappeared off the face of the Earth, it would not be missed. Rather it would be to the benefit of all of the planet.
Why does it have to be so?
Humans on a Quest?
Recently, in a chat group someone asked:
How to awaken the Third Eye?
The responses ranged from detailed excerpts out of ancient books to outright ridiculous.
I responded with these words:
"Instead of trying to awaken the Third Eye, or rising the Kundalini, or sitting in meditation for hours,  if humans would synchronize everyday activities in harmony with the rest of the species and existence it would lead to a meaningful life.
If humans can be kind, compassionate, loving, and helpful, those very actions would unlock dormant potentials deep within the brain and cells and propagate  infinite insight and feelings of oneness with the universe."

Are You Inspired To Be A Great Human

As one of the millions of species, the human species has made the biggest mess of all. We've successfully destroyed over 80% of our natural home, we were primed to live in. And we tout our  "achievements" with awards, Nobel prizes and seats on top of the food chain.


Can We Be Better Humans?

Of course we can. We're coded by Mother Nature to evolve naturally with all the natural gifts bestowed upon us. We were primed for enlightenment, yet we dropped out of grace from "nature's lessons."  

But it is never too late to learn to be a better human and contribute to life on planet Earth. Humans are not the only game in town. There are over eight million other species to collaborate with. 


How to Be Enlightened?

 How can we forget the life of the little Buddha. Young Prince Siddhartha leaves behind his wife and child and ventures into the real world, where he seeks for eight long years...that which is waiting to be found. His true Self.
After horrendous sacrifices, physical torture and starvation in the hopes of attaining enlightenment, it is achieved when he drops all forms of restriction and limited beliefs. He sees reality as it is. As is.

Step One to Enlightenment?

Of the many new age spiritual Gurus flaunting the stage today, none come close to the ancients. None have succeeded in transforming the rest of their members and followers.

Instead humanity still finds itself in this dire predicament: with violence, trafficking, alcohol and drug abuse, greed, war, hatred, injustice, inequality and with it mental illness, decreasing brain capabilities, diabetes, obesity...and the list goes on...

The reason we are in this state is because we faulted by leaving the women behind. We left half of the world's human population behind. The half of the world's human population that carry the torch of feminine creativity, deep insights and powerful vibrations of positive energies.

Enlightenment before Empowerment

Women have been bestowed with limitless visionary powers...naturally because of the need to nurture and protect offspring, the lifeblood of the future. If women can once again restore their visionary powers, they will bring harmony and balance to our world sadly rocking out of balance.

Step Two Inspired to Meditate

How do you feel after listening to an inspirational speaker? You feel energized, motivated and full of positivism and feel inspired to change your life. However that spark quickly dies off. For that energy to blossom even further you need to nourish it.

Water The Seed Each Day

You need to reconnect to that which is really you. That inner self, or higher self that one with all of existence.

Step Three Continue Each Day & Monitor Your Progress

As you  begin to discover your deep connection with the rest of existence, you begin to realize the power of reality. And your thoughts, words, actions take on new meaning.

Our World Needs You To Be Enlightened

Be inspired to be the best human that you can be. We can rectify the mess we have made of our planet, our dear home. But if we strive to be better Beings, we can make right all the wrongs and we can leave our home cleaner, safer, and happier than when we arrive in it.



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