Collection: Raise Funds for Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Vocational Centers in Africa

Dr. Vie's Super Conscious Humanity Vocational Centers in South Africa and Central Africa  provide skills training and job opportunities to uplift hundreds of villagers in at least three villages in Africa and over forty special needs youth with autism, learning challenges, cerebral palsy, and various physical challenges.

"We identify and empower impoverished communities and most vulnerable locals...who live life at a disadvantage, and have untapped potential to uplift themselves and their communities, while focused on a planetary vision of regenerating Planet Earth."


Funded by Mother Vie and Dr. Vie's  humanitarian work since 2000, now as the need expands, public support is requested to sustain the numbers of youth, women and elders who are joining in developing and in least developed countries so participants can be healthy, prosperous and working toward saving Planet Earth.

 Central to the women's mission is to inspire locals to engage in sustainable agriculture, healthy life styles and wholesome jobs that boost the health of humans, without harming the fauna and flora, air, water and land of Planet Earth. Regenerative projects are imperative.


    Your Support Is Needed. Please Help 

    We need equipment, materials, construction materials, clothing, supplies, and monies to sustain the expanding number of people receiving skills training at our SCH Vocational Centres.

    Every amount counts, please help uplift thousands of lives....while regenerating our environment and Planet Earth.


    Use the Zapper App and donate as you wish.

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