Online Yoga Asanas Class: Stress Relief, Relaxation WellBeing Postures
Online Yoga Asanas Class: Stress Relief, Relaxation WellBeing Postures

Online Yoga Asanas Class: Stress Relief, Relaxation WellBeing Postures

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Online gentle yoga asana (exercises) class wherever you are. Special Thanksgiving Black Friday $20 for one month. Save $30. Price calculated at checkout.

Dr. Vie Academy  offers a video on demand class of 40 minutes with gentle restorative yoga asanas  guided by  Dr. Vie's Los Angeles USA Yoga Asana Trainer. Choose 1 month, 6 month or 12 month access to the online session. Your annual subscription comes with the 292 page Book Of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity.

This session requires internet connection and a six by six feet space in which you can stretch out on the floor to participate in the yoga stretches. This is an entry level, gentle, restorative series of exercises. At the end of the session, you may fall into a deep prepared with your floor mat, pillows and blankets.

The course is one of the several Super Conscious Humanity naturally healthy living online training offered by natural health and medical device scientist Dr. Vie.

Dr. Vie Academy Courses
Within Dr. Vie Academy many online sessions, discover your real Self, live stronger emotionally, mentally and physically and realize the power of you as you rethink life and find yourself beginning to optimize each day.

Most often it is only through life's challenges that we are nudged toward reflecting on the purpose of our lives, and realizing that there is much more to our talents and abilities than we previously thought.

Each human has the power to contribute to a better future through a process of personal transformation.

During stressful times when the very essence of life is at stake, you are given the opportunity to realize a better perspective of life, one that you would never had access to if life just continued the way it had. 😍 You are highly valuable for all of life on Planet Earth.


Within Dr. Vie Academy, you can choose from several online (video, text and audio) courses, chats with Dr. Vie, and personal one on one consultations with Dr. Vie. All you need is internet connection for the courses, and a phone/whatsapp connection for your consultations.


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        What Are Members Saying about Dr. Vie Academy?

         "Thanks Dr. Vie, you changed my life. I'm also going to help my mother who has diabetes and is struggling with her weight." Leanne, Workshop Attendee

        "After the guided meditation, I finally had the best sleep since a child, and I've had sleep apnea for a long time." Chris, Soccer Coach

        "The customized assessments and your chats make my membership personalized." Jenni, patient with renal failure.

        "I suffered a concussion after a biking accident, but because I attended Dr. Vie's course and learned about the brain, I was careful during recovery, and got selected for the Olympics, where we won the Bronze medal. Thanks Dr. Vie." Laura, London Olympian


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