ABOUT Scientist Dr. Vie (V)


Based on years of scientific research by European Scientist Dr. Vie, she and her mother pioneered Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives in the EU in 2000 to better lives, better communities and better the world through natural, healthy and environmentally friendly: foods, products, educational programs and skills training and wholesome jobs for locals with a focus on sustainable development.

The core of Dr. Vie’s R&D led to Dr. Vie SuperFoods® in Switzerland. By 2004 a range of natural, vegan, gluten-free, low glycemic-index, real food on the go had been launched by Dr. Vie in the North Americas.

The revolutionary 100% compostable food-free packaging, became a signature of the women’s products, leading the way in environmentally friendly packaging two decades ago, making it the first bio-compostable food packaging in health stores across Canada and for health-conscious consumers in USA.

The entrepreneurs self-funded their ventures, and signed on brand name distributors who supplied health stores across the country. The financial weight of self-financing was hard enough to bear, and when economic crash of 2008 hit the North American market, the women grasped the challenge to fine tune their product line and introduce sports and fitness foods and desserts which were loved by Olympians, MMA fighters, doctors, students, celebrities and everyday school bus drivers.

The nutritious artisan made, hand packed Dr. Vie SuperFoods® became a favourite over the years.

Dr. Vie’s passion for inspiring locals to better their lives soon became a driving force, reshaping the commercialization of her intellectual property to serve special needs communities.

Through free humanitarian workshops and seminars to thousands of locals in Africa the time was right to embark on yet more adventures.

Fiction books published in 2015- 2016 The Pure Ones a time travel fantasy 60 years onto the future, when Planet Earth is on the verge of destruction by a deadly human virus, and the last humans embark on a journey to rescue the world.

Non- Fiction publications in 2014-2019 shared Dr. Vie’s thought provoking insights into the human mind, it's power and its ability to be compromised, enslaved and oppressed by limiting forces, called The Impostor® masquerading in the human mind.

The Impostor® versus the Protector shares fifteen powerful techniques to tame the Impostor® mind and optimize one' life. Readers introspect and dive into the human mind, it’s weakness and it’s incredible potential. Especially insightful for girls and women to regain equality, dignity and equity.

Dr. Vie Academy  wellness educational programs, courses, workshops and online access is a place where you can benefit from live sessions or from the privacy of your home from Dr. Vie's scientifically based self-discovery awareness options.

Dr. Vie's focus on Sustainable Development Goals to uplift lives, erase poverty, support equity and equality and regenerate Planet Earth, has led to her consultations to individuals, entrepreneurs, women in business, youth leaders, governments, entities, non profit organizations and more.

In parallel, Dr. Vie’s Super Conscious Humanity initiatives came into fruition in Africa at its two centers through skills training and wholesome job opportunities for over 40 special needs deaf, autistic, learning challenged youth in Southern Africa and for hundreds of impoverished locals in Central Africa.

The projects continued amidst the COVID19 pandemic 2020-2021.

In 2022 Dr. Vie continues her humanitarian work in Africa and advises individuals and groups on personal transformation and self development in a time when the world is in the grip of parallel pandemics.

Still self-funded Dr. Vie walks a tight rope, immersing 100% into free vocational training and sharing of her intellectual property as she jump starts local projects and commercializes the outputs.

Dr. Vie’s naturally healthy products are available at Deaf center in South Africa and online delivered to your door.

Every cent of the profits funds each of the Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Centres in South Africa and Central Africa where the number of locals joining the programs are increasing.

The needs of the locals are many: from healthy water, sanitation, housing, energy, and basic education to healthcare which are dependent on your understanding of their current life and realizing the power of your help.

You can help in many ways, right away.

The women invite you to personally benefit from the line of healthy Dr. Vie SuperFoods®, educational publications, uplifting programs, corporate social responsibility programs and private consultations. Because all profits go towards the women’s centres.

As the Sustainable Development focus expands, the need for public support grows. You are humbly invited to donate whatever you can financially.

And if you are seeking to join the adventures in Africa as a volunteer or to share your expertise, please contact Dr. Vie.



"Everyday is a new one, an adventure into the future, knowing that each of us is vital in carving out what the next day, next year, next decade and generations and centuries will look like, not only for us, but for our communities, nations and Planet.

Each day we have the choice to make decisions that mold the world into a healthy, safe and sustainable one, or not.

To discern sustainability from extinction needs a consciously aware human who realizes that life is really an adventure with no fixed route or conventions. 

Life is fragile. The pandemic has surely taught us that that until each and every person and our environment is supported in wellness, we live on the brink of extinction.

We’re really making it all up as we go along….therein is the revelation to a better you, better life and better world."