Super Conscious Humanity Vocational Centers for Special Needs Youth

Dr. Vie, a scientist, and Mother Vie founded Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity (SCH) in 2000 in the Europe and Americas to regenerate Planet Earth through climate action for healthy air, clean waters, non-toxic lands, natural foods and healthy lifestyle products that stimulate human health and well-being and support the natural evolution of all of Earth’s ecology and her creatures.

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The key component of SCH is Dr. Vie SuperFoods® which Dr. Vie pioneered in 2000 in Switzerland while researching healthy lifestyles, and foods that are naturally gluten-free, vegan, low GI, nutritious and eaten on the go. The foods packaged in 100% compostable bags, became popular in USA and Canada since 2004.

Super Conscious Humanity Vocational Center skills training jobs for special needs youth

Today Dr. Vie SCH empowers special needs populations in North Americas, and Africa  with skills training and vocational successes in the agriculture, production, packaging, distribution, marketing and sales of Dr. Vie SuperFoods® and healthy lifestyle products thereby creating sustainable wholesome job opportunities within Dr. Vie SCH Vocational Centres.


Dr. Vie a global citizen for +30 years shares her scientific expertise and entrepreneurial knowledge with the less privileged and vulnerable locals to empower, motivate and inspire them to be actively involved in rejuvenating and transforming their nations and Planet Earth while optimizing their unique life gifts and potential through wholesome jobs.


Between 2018 and 2020, Dr. Vie SCH initiated the planting of 2000 trees in three impoverished villages in Central Africa. In 2020 the African villages have been expanding.

In August 2018, on her return to her country of birth South Africa, where Mother Vie still lives, Dr. Vie approached organisations in KZN to propose the establishment of a vocational skills training and jobs centre for unemployed youth.


Fortunately, one of the many embraced the women’s vision. Within a day Dr. Vie began free pre-vocational training for forty learners from across KZN with autism, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, visual challenges and a variety of physical, mental and learning challenges.


These learners would otherwise leave school at age 17 without much prospect of valuable jobs or bright futures. Overnight, thanks to the visionary educator forty special needs learners in South Africa were given an opportunity for more, and history was made.

The project was and continues to be 100% funded by Dr. Vie and Mother Vie without charge.

Within two months the forty enthused learners revealed hidden talents to the surprise of their teachers and many parents. Dr. Vie SCH was on a roll as the learners engaged in skills training, unleashed their creativity, and joined outdoor food markets during the weekends and holidays.


In January 2019, Dr. Vie SuperFoods® was listed at Super Spar where customers relished the foods, including ice-creams, and enjoyed interacting with the SCH youth who participated in marketing and sales.


By beginning of 2020, five more Super Spars listed Dr. Vie SuperFoods® and customers continue to learn more about healthy foods and discover the amazing potential of special needs youth who are saving the Planet.

Come March 2020, and the inevitable COVID-19 pandemic, a new business model emerged, sparking the online order and delivery by Uber Eats KZN bringing delicious animal-free, conscious food to your door.

Since then an outlet has been opened in KZN, enabling customers to order online at our store, and pick up at our outlet in Durban.


As of today, in South Africa differently-enabled, special needs (sadly termed disabilities) locals have limited opportunities for wholesome, rewarding jobs that can impact the Planet.


Most remain at home depressed and unfulfilled, not optimizing their incredible latent potential, and their parents and caregivers are continually concerned about their future.


One such forty-year old “disabled” female is at home, and her aging parents wish for her quick demise so that she would not be stranded after they pass on. But hers is not the only case.

What happens to the special needs adult when the family is no longer around to support their loved one?


Dr. Vie SCH hopes to renew hope for families of special needs locals.





The youth are eager to explore the world as the South African centres are be integrated with Dr. Vie SCH internationally, providing global outreach and opportunities.



Based on the growing interest in Dr. Vie SCH Vocational Training & Jobs Centre in South Africa,we would like encourage parents and families of similar youth who are interested in learning about the program to please contact Dr. Vie at the email provided below.


Your help is needed in so many ways.


  • Perhaps someone you know has a special needs youth, please share this article and make a difference.
  • If you would like to donate, volunteer, or join Dr. Vie SCH Centre please send an email to Dr. Vie here on her contact page or go to to learn more about the history of SCH and watch videos over the past 15 years.
  • As the number of graduate special needs youth are joining SCH the team desperately needs a larger location to establish their headquarters in South Africa. Your help is needed for property, donations, funding, expertise and more.


Please find information about the Mother and daughter projects and their South African and Central African SCH Centres