Healthy Lifestyle Consultations for Diabetics
Consultation for  Nutrition & Health with Dr. Vie
Consultation for  Nutrition & Health with Dr. Vie

Consultation for Nutrition & Health with Dr. Vie

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If you have Type 1 or 2 diabetes, you need guidance and support to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle, with delicious and powerful nutritious meals, decrease stress and strengthen your emotional, physical and mental wellness.

Benefit from one or more consultations with Dr. Vie, health scientist who pioneered Dr. Vie SuperFoods in the Americas in 2004. Her insightful knowledge, guidance and motivation can help you improve your personal wellbeing.  Dr. Vie will connect with you via phone calls wherever you are in the world for your personal one on one guidance and support.

Consultations for Diabetics 



Wherever you are, all you need is access to a phone, WhatsApp, and internet access for your sessions with Dr. Vie starting with your first one on one 45 minute call. You can book as many calls as needed.


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How does it work?

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How Others Are Benefiting?


"Results of my routine annual examination shocked me! Living a rushed, business life for so many years, I had no idea that I would actually be diabetic! I found Dr. Vie on linkedin and now a year later, I have almost reversed my type 2 diabetes by following her amazin' advice on our weekly calls. Never realized I can have so much energy after making a few changes in my routine, and decreasing my meds! Merci Doc." Jacques, 43 years, Geneve, Suisse


"My mother has type 11 diabetes, and since I registered her for one on one calls with Dr. Vie, our lives have changed in our whole family! We are in better shape today than we have been since teenagers!  We never missed a session. Thank you so very much Dr. Vie." Melony and 70 year old mom, Chicago, IL, USA


"Hey, Doc! Gotta say it. I can't do without our weekly calls! You changed my life! Saved my life! Incredible, coming from me." Anon CEO, Germany


"My medication routine two times a day for diabetes and hypertension, my high sugar levels got my family worried. I was taking three different diabetes tablets. My heard about the good doctor on the internet. He arranged for consultations with the good doctor Vie. Now I only take two of my diabetes medication in the morning. My sugar levels are under control for the first time. Thank you doctor." Thulsi, Australia



 CLICK HERE to purchase your Nutrition Call with Dr. Vie.